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In Balance by Novotel Caters to Fitness-Minded Travellers

In Balance by Novotel Caters to Fitness-Minded Travellers

In addition to our Melbourne hotel being a premier provider of contemporary, comfortable guest rooms and conference venues, Novotel Melbourne on Collins is committed to our guests’ well-being. This includes offering services and amenities for those with a mindset toward health and fitness.

To this end, our Melbourne hotel is part of the In Balance by Novotel program. We are extremely proud that professional surfer Sally Fitzgibbons is the ambassador for this innovative enhancement.
In-Room Fitness Training from a Pro Surfer


Sally Fitzgibbons and In Balance by Novotel are helping guests to live a fit and healthy lifestyle even while travelling. The pro surfer has created a new fitness television channel available right in every guest room. She will also be providing guests with nutritious meal options in Novotel hotel restaurants, plus healthy travel tips.

Ms. Fitzgibbons is known for her tremendous level of fitness as well as excellence in the realm of surfing. She is the youngest surfer to qualify for a world tour (in 2008) at age 14 and youngest surfer to win Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) pro-junior title. Since then, she has been winner of numerous surfing competitions around the world, including the first Australian Open of Surfing.
Easy, Private, Convenient Access


No fitness equipment is required to take advantage of the fitness program shared by Ms. Fitzgibbons. In Balance by Novotel assures convenience and privacy to everyone who participates; the televised program allows guests to work out in the comfort of their own room.

Sally Fitzgibbons is well known for having a passion for fitness and well-being. She has done a fair share of travelling herself and has had to face the challenge of continuing her healthy lifestyle even while far from home.

Staying in hotels while travelling does not have to equate to unhealthy eating and no exercise. Ms. Fitzgibbons brings her experience, knowledge, and zest for living well to the In Balance program. The goal is to keep health-focused travellers inspired and on track with their fitness priorities.
Health-Minded Amenities and Delicious, Nutritious Dining Options


Healthy, delicious dining options are always on the menu of Novotel hotel restaurants, with current creations in the “Healthy Choices” section designed by Sally Fitzgibbons and the Novotel team of chefs. Novotel Melbourne guests are also given access to state-of-the art gyms and jogging and walking path maps upon reception.

Sally Fitzgibbons is an inspirational athlete and a role model for being the healthiest version of ourselves possible. AccorHotels and Novotel Melbourne are delighted to have her on board to inspire guests to new heights of health and fitness. Yes, you can stay on track even while travelling!
Stay with the accommodation Melbourne turns to for service and comfort. The Novotel Melbourne on Collins has an enviable reputation for advanced conference venues, meeting rooms and hotel restaurants, all situated in the bustling heart of cosmopolitan Melbourne.